Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sunday, May 17, 2009

I can’t say there was much to remember from this day….it was another day at the St. Mary Visitor Center. I guess the biggest thing was the wind. It’s always windy in St. Mary. Because the Continental Divide risen so high to the west, all the wind dips back down the valley on the east side. Then it hits the St. Mary Lake and gains full force all the way down the lake. Our visitor center is lucky enough to be at the end of that lake. So we get all the force of that wind. It’s like a funnel that forces everything into a tight space and then bursts strongly towards our building.

One of the reasons I mention the wind is because of our flags. We have two flag poles, one for the USA flag and one for the Blackfeet flag. Don’t ask me why we fly these two, I suppose it’s because we are bordering the Blackfeet Reservation, but I still don’t really get it. Anywho, we put the flag up for half the day on Friday, the whole day on Saturday and today. By the time we lowered the flags the US flag had a 2-3 foot long tear through the stripes. It was crazy! The flags were only up for 2.5 days!! The ends of the flag were shredded, too. It’s also a major pain to crank these flags up and down every day. The wind keeps you working hard to raise the flags, and then blows them when you are trying to let gravity do its work to bring them down. Oh well, perhaps we will we all get huge arm muscles by the end of the summer!

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