Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Seasonal Attire

Thursday, May 7, 2009
On my way home from work I sometimes walk through the Dorms to get to my mailbox up the road. Today I walked through the halls, admiring the quietness. Soon these rooms will be filled up with seasonal workers of all sorts. The hallway will bustle with noise of guys and girls walking up and down. Some might be dressed in comfy clothes for the casual atmosphere, some might still be in their uniforms-ready for work. I mention uniforms because I always thought it strange when we are required to sign a sheet that says: You will wear a uniform. Last time I checked, it's kinda fun to wear a ranger uniform. People kinda admire you...well, maybe. So, I don't really have to sign a sheet, I'll kindly obey the rules.

The funny thing about uniforms is that there are all these specific requirements, but in reality, you need to survive the don't wear the wrong thing! For the first two weeks I was wearing 3 jackets just to stay warm. This week I wore 2 jackets, and doned the ranger flat hat for the first time.

I spoke with another employee after work today about the seasonal attire. I was wearing my ranger flat hat, with the plastic "hat condom" cover that you put on, to protect the "straw" from the rain. Flat hats can warp quite a bit, so to avoid that, use a "hat condom" to protect it from the elements. (Sounds like a commercial for hat condoms!!)

So, there I was, with my hat condom on, talking to my friend. He asked: "So, you keep the hat cover on, even when it's not raining." Well, I hadn't even noticed it wasn't raining. I just replied: "Why take it off, when I'll just have to put it back on." He replied with: "Yeah, guess you're right, that is the seasonal attire." What he meant was, during the beginning of the summer season, it rains so much (on and off) that the rangers need to keep the hat condom on their flat hats. I agree with him wholly--the seasonal attire: The image of rangers walking around with big fluffy coats and green pants (most of the time wearing the wrong sizes), and flat hats with hat condoms. Ah, spring has arrived.

The other image I have of rangers walking around is this: They are fighting the brutal wind, holding onto their hats and running for cover. Today this image appeared. The wind blew, the snow, sleet and rain came down, and the wind blew some more. It was crazy! BUT, that's another sign of St. Mary, Montana...blistery, brutal, blowing wind! Gotta love it!

Weather: Wind, wind, and more some snow in the a.m. (nothing stuck), sleet, and some rain too! High 30's-40's.

P.S. I just realized my profile picture shows me in the "seasonal attire" sans the hat condom....BUT, I'm holding onto my hat, it must have been spring!

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