Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blizzard Warning!

Monday, April 27, 2009
It snowed a bit last night again! It was probably about 4-6 inches. Since the roads were pretty messy and very little was plowed, we decided to have a meeting in the break room. The three of us: my big boss, another lead interpreter, and myself, all met to discuss what to do to prepare for the arrival of the summer season. It’s amazing what comes out of the wood work when three minds come together. I left with a big to-do list and felt great about having more things to do. I drove over to the visitor center and parked along the road because the parking lot isn’t plowed. I got some random things done on the to-do list and it was an efficient day.

The commute again, looks almost the same,
but my tracks are gone from the previous day!
It did melt a bit, too, as you can see with the icicles.

The weather service announced a “Blizzard Warning” for our area, and a “Winter weather warming” until Thursday!! It’s Monday! Usually, it snows a bunch, but doesn’t really blow a lot….so this blizzard thing is kinda rare here. I’m hopeful for more snow! Even though it does keep people at home from work…

The "snow" gauge is getting covered.

Weather: Teens in the a.m. and mid-20’s in the p.m. Snow all day, on and off. Cloudy.

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