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Friday, April 24, 2009
Today is Friday! Remember that statement about “I am excited about keeping busy at work.” Well, it all came rushing in! Last night I copied down all the items on my “To do” list and it started to add up. BUT, I really was excited to get some of the things done. The visitor center front desk in all dusted, vacuumed and organized. The computer is set up, ready to be used by the 15 some folks working there this summer. It’s mostly set up and that is a good feeling!
On my walk home I decided I was going to take the long way home. I walked the long loop around the housing area. When I reached the intersection, I was approached by a car from behind. The car cruised by and put on it’s breaks. I didn’t know what was up, so I just played dumb and kept walking. WELL, the car put on it’s breaks for Freddie the Fox. Freddie is a local icon for the folks who live here. He’s somewhat tame and roams about the housing here in St. Mary. He single-handedly reduced the ground squirrel population, and raises several young each year. (He might not be a he…I don’t know.)
Freddie walked about 10 feet from me, and didn’t even blink. I thought it was pretty cool. Last year I watched him from my front window. He came from the back side of the apartment building and sauntered around to the front of the building. As he approached the open grass of my front yard, he paused. He crouched down and stayed there, perusing the lay of the land. Unknown to him, I was sitting just inside only 5 feet away. I sat there and watched him for almost 5 minutes and eventually he ran away.
All in all, it was a good day: some items on the “To do” list were checked off, and I saw up close and personal (again)!

My "snow" gauge. Stay posted for more snow!

17 degrees F in the a.m.
20’s-30’s throughout the day.

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