Sunday, May 3, 2009

I got to work from home!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Today was somewhat frantic. Last night the snow came down. It came down in the scores! About 12 inches---yes, a WHOLE FOOT! It’s been kinda neat having the snow because all winter in Tennessee the snow came down, then melted within the week. So to have this much snow stay, I’m really excited. The hard part is, I have to go to work. I can’t go build a snow man, or have a snowball fight (there isn’t anyone here, in the first place), or do a snow angel. It is pretty cold, so I’m not sure I’d be out in the snow anyway.
Working from home!

I worked diligently, awaiting the “Blizzard” that was to come. Another lead interpreter stayed home because all the roads were bad and more snow was on the way. My big boss sent me home to work, since the weather was so crappy. So I went to work on a training presentation. I ended up getting a lot done, but when I was home I ate a bunch! Being at my office keeps me away from food! Oh well. Soon spring will actually be here, and I can get out and exercise more!
Not much else is new…the snow just keeps on coming. I practically waded through snow this morning.
My apartment, car...and my snow tracks.

Late evening snow glow, of the "snow" gauge.

Weather: Teens in the a.m. to 20’s in the afternoon. Snow all day. Cloudy.

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