Sunday, May 3, 2009

Technical Simplicity!

Saturday, May 2, 2009
Today was a technical day. I woke up, got out my Wii Fit and did my Yoga. I organized everything and started driving south. I planned on going to Kalispell today to buy a TV. I’ve never bought a TV in my life, so this was a big step. I wanted a TV to use with my Wii. The Wii cost a good bit, and I didn’t want to leave it collecting dust, so that was my justification for purchasing a TV. Also, I decided: I paid more in rent each month in Gatlinburg, than it costs to buy a TV. In fact, it’s several hundred dollars cheaper to buy a TV than to pay my rent in Gatlinburg….another good justification.
So, I bought a TV. An Insignia 32 inch LCD TV. 32 inch is huge, but it will still fit in my car, so it’s ok.
I also attached internet capabilities to my cell phone. Now I can connect my phone to my computer and use the internet.
Lastly, I went to a movie. X-men Origins. It was pretty good. I haven’t seen many of the other X-men movies, so now I’ve got something to look forward to. Plus, Hugh Jackman is easy on the eyes, and does a great job being Wolverine!

I feel very connected now, to say the least!

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