Friday, May 15, 2009

Wildlife Calling

Friday, May 15, 2009

There were so many things I saw today that I don’t know where to start. I packed up early and headed to Many Glacier to paddle Swiftcurrent Lake. It was amazing. There were so few people, it was awesome. I’d like to give a list of what I saw today:

  • An awesome view of Lake Sherburne,
  • a solitary big-horned sheep ewe (females),
  • the Many Glacier Hotel in all it’s grandeur,
  • a group of roughly a dozen big-horned sheep ewes,
  • tracks that could have been someone’s dog…but could have been a bobcat, coyote or a mountain lion, I'll let you judge. My guess is a coyote. Here is a comparison:
  • an aspen tree freshly eaten by a beaver,
  • lots of moose tracks,
  • several Common mergansers on the lake,
  • the Many Glacier dock…docked on the other side of the lake,
  • ice on Swiftcurrent lake, I even got to kayak on it! Ice Kayaking, a new sport! Just kidding.
  • a big-horned sheep ram (male),
  • a big-horned sheep ram sniffing a ewe’s butt…funny I know, but it happened,
  • about 25 mountain goats sitting up high,
  • and a grey jay sitting on a picnic table.

This is all proof that spring is here! The wildlife are out, the ice is melting and the sun is shining!

Weather: Partly cloudy, low 40’s, wind 10-15mph (roughly), the wind and cold temps together almost convinced me not to paddle the lake! I’m really glad I did paddle!

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