Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moving Mountains, one day at a time.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lately, a great sense of completion comes with each work day. I feel like we are well prepared for the season ahead of us. I may not move mountains, but all the little things start to add up and it brings on that sense of completion. Which is good, because I come home with a feeling of success. Today we had some major mountains moved. A few contractors from West Glacier completed several big tasks at the St. Mary Visitor Center. For one, they put in all the brand new cushioned auditorium seats. This is a big deal. The previous coziness of the chairs consisted of hard wooden seats and backs. Now the seats are cushioned and it will make everyone sooo comfortable! Two, they mounted the 64 inch Flat screen TV onto the wall. This is a big thing, and it usually takes someone a lot of thinking, and looking at it…before they actually do it! This was completed in just a few hours, like it should have been! Third, they put up all our new signs. We needed to clarify a.) where the restrooms are located, b.) which desk is information and which desk is backcountry camping permits, and c.) where exactly the auditorium is located. It was a success. I may not move mountains, but collectively we can together!

The weather is still spring-like with the mountains fogged in, with the wind blowing, and little spurts of rain coming down…but the sun does peak out every now and again! In fact, I saw my first rainbow yesterday on my way to the Visitor Center!

The elk herd is still hanging out in the St. Mary Flats, the prairie in front of the Visitor Center. Today they looked closer to the road than usual. I still don’t know how they survive this weather and harsh winter conditions. When snow was on the ground you could see the elk tracks and the diggings in the snow. I guess some plants are good to eat, even after a long winter.

That’s about it from Glacier, things are slowly progressing and people are starting to show up. Three of our staff members show up this weekend, and many other members of other divisions are here…such as trail crew, visitor use assistants (fees), law enforcement rangers, and maintenance folks. It’s beginning to look a lot like summer season!

Weather: Upper 30’s- lower 40’s. WINDY, sprinkles every now and again. And SUN every now and again.

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