Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hit the Ground Running

I was able to enjoy the beauty and power of Glacier today. Partaking in the second hike of the season (I know, I haven't been out much...I blame the weather), Sun Point to Virginia Falls, in the St. Mary Valley. It was breath taking and full of it's own breath--wind!

Sun Point
The weather was in the 50's, partly sunny and winds gusting to 25 mph. Sun Point was amazing with clouds and squalls moving through the valley.

St. Mary Falls

Myself and four other rangers hit the trail early afternoon and enjoyed several wildflower species blooming: Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Mouse-eared Chickweed, Shooting Star, Glacier Lilies, Indian Paintbrush, Clematis vine, Oregon Grape, Serviceberry, Red Twinberry, Calypso Orchid and several others.

Glacier Lily

Virginia Falls

Arrowleaf Balsamroot

I let Glacier soak into my stressed body and it relieved me. I was relieved of my worries, stresses, and lack of hiking lately. When I returned home I actually forgot my worries. It only took one phone call to bring back reality. Reality that the season is starting in FULL force!

Next week our new staff members arrive and I will get to meet the people that I hired. It's very interesting to see the process in action: resumes, reference checks, paperwork, and finally meeting the person! I hoping there will be a great sense of relief when my thoughts are redeemed: These people will be awesome interpreters and rangers!

Almost everyone will be arriving for their new job on Thursday morning. We'll have an exciting "orientation" of the administrative area and then hike to St. Mary Falls in the afternoon. Friday will be more of the same. In fact, hiking is planned for several of our training days. I'm happy to see that!

Baring Falls

Soon our returning staff members will arrive and help us staff our busy (ha!) Visitor Center. We did get over 200 visitors on Saturday! So, it goes without saying, I'm hitting the ground running. Here goes! The 2010 CENTENNIAL Season is starting!

Best of luck to everyone and Here's to a great Interpretive Season! Be Careful out there, Everyone!

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  1. thanks for the update, it's snowing today! Gota love the weather here in glacier park!

    Tony Bynum


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